HAZRD Is the brainchild of Kris Hazrd. 

Kris started his career in 2006, and has been involved in the nightclub industry as a graphic designer, event promoter, bartender, and DJ in Miami, Boston, and Las Vegas. He has worked for Bose from 2011 to 2016; he has also done some volunteer work for CoSM in NY.

During the Covid pandemic of 2020, he focused on creating digital Fine Art. He currently has art pieces on display at Blaspheme Boutique, Sinister Salon, and Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.

In 2022, Kris began designing rave fashion, after attending a few EDM festivals. In the beginning of 2023, he organized a monthly rave event in Las Vegas’ Arts District (and created this website). This event was catered to build community within the underground electronic scene, as well as market Kris’ art and apparel.

This event was cut short, due to a medical diagnosis. Kris had to put the event on hiatus, traveled to San Francisco, to undergo integration therapy (which he had done in Oregon 1 year prior). He decided to change his name from Kris Toxn, to Kris Hazrd, turning HAZRD into one cohesive art project.

In 2024, Kris is producing his first electronic album, Immaculate Infection, learning another creative outlet as a form of art therapy.